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Packman Disposable | Granddaddy Urkle (Indica)


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Packman Disposable For Sale

Grand Daddy Urkel is our heavy indica flavor and is the finest of its kind. The strain is produced by crossing Granddaddy Purple and Purple Urkle. The strain extensively borrows from its heritage and offers a taste and aroma unlike any other. It is a mouthwatering unique blend of berry and grape flavors.

Unlike most heavy indica, Pack man granddaddy urkle users can expect to get a potent physical and mental high. The strains psychoactive effects fuse to generate elements of cerebral relaxation and stimulation all through the body. Some say that smoking the strain can induce a sort of dream–like perception. While your mind wanders, smokers with first-hand experience with the strain find their bodies locked into a singular place. Even with continue incidents of couchlock, smokers will reach for granddaddy urkle to feel a sense of relaxation and happiness.

Pack man granddaddy urkle is a mixture of two California: Big Bud and Purple urkle. Big bud, an indica hybrid, is a big strain that is famous for its heavy and sweet flavor buzz. Purple urkle, another best indica strain, brings all the bag appeal and feeling typical of purple-laden strains. Together, these 2 indicas produce charmingly hued, big and compact buds with a signature coating of crystal resin. 


body high, couch lock, calm, relaxing, happiness, cerebral, euphoria.