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Packman Black Friday Fume Frenzy Pack Pack (51 Pieces)


Product Details

Where Every Puff is a Paranormal Pleasure!

This Halloween season, drift through an ethereal realm of flavors with PacKman’s Haunted Haze Collection. Hidden within each ghostly glow are 20 spellbinding flavors that promise to bewitch your senses and keep you coming back for more mystical moments.

Dive Deep into the Darkness: As the veil between our world and the next grows thin, arm yourself with a haze that’s as enigmatic as the night itself. PacKman’s Haunted Haze is not just a vape; it’s an experience from the other side.


  • Berry paython (hybrid) x5
  • Blue airheadz (hybrid) x5
  • Blueberry Diesel (Sativa) x5
  • Cereal skunk (indica) x5
  • Grandaddy urkle (indica) x5
  • Lemon head (Sativa) x5
  • Mystery OG (hybrid) x5
  • Peachy Nerdz (indica) x5
  • Starburst runtz (Sativa) x5
  • Sunset gelato (hybrid) x5
  • Watermelon sour patch (Sativa) x 1